Greenplay Remediation


Remediation is a process in which the existing infill is removed by mechanical means to allow the synthetic turf to be cleaned and repaired if necessary. The old infill is then safely bagged before being removed from the site by truck and disposed of.

This is a very good option for artificial turf fields that contain an infill that has become questionable for environmental safety, playability or consistent high temperatures. The condition of the turf should first be evaluated to determine if it is best to completely remove it if it is too old or if the fibers are just worn out.

Once the decision is made to remediate, Greenplay® Corkonut™ or cork infill can be installed to bring the field up to a grass like standard with much lower turf temperatures. Lower system temperatures will aid in prolonging the useable life of the turf.

Greenplay® artificial turf infill is also recognized as a superior option for concussion prevention, environmental safety, foot stability, and more.

If you are considering remediating your old artificial turf infill for a more sustainable, safer, and durable option, we encourage you to learn more about Greenplay® infill and why it is increasingly becoming the choice for athletic directors, parents of student athletes, and more!

Greenplay Remediation

The existing infill is carefully removed and the turf is cleaned and repaired

Greenplay Remediation

Clean and safe Greenplay® organic infill is installed