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For almost 2 decades, Greenplay has raised artificial turf to the level of natural grass. Whether it’s the stadium field for the Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC or the many school, municipal and recreational fields across America; Greenplay is significantly reducing turf temperatures and abrasion while increasing playability, human and environmental safety.

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For strength, ruggedness and durability, even where water is not available. GREENPLAY FIBRE was developed to meet these challenges by using the same fibers that have been used in rope for centuries. It is the world’s first non-granular infill, creating a cohesive natural thatch layer within the turf that resists fly-out and migration, outperforming all granular infills. Not even the 50 year atmospheric river rain storms in California were able to budge GREENPLAY FIBRE from any of the fields!

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The Natural Infill Option for Artificial Grass

Greenplay® Organics manufactures and distributes nature’s purest and most proven natural turf field infill for artificial turf as well as for all synthetic grass applications. Greenplay is a non-proprietary organic turf company that provides infill to all turf suppliers, turf contractors and homeowners to allow the customer the greatest choice of utilizing the best turf options for their needs.

Corkonut®, our enhanced Gen II fiber matrix, is a naturally blended coconut & cork infill for turf that enhances overall player safety by providing grass-like turf field temperatures, low abrasion and low G-Max with increased foot stability.

Corkonut turf infill was originally developed with over a decade of experience in North America. We work directly with select food source farmers to utilize the finest pesticide-free, natural plant-based turf filler components that are uniquely blended in our facility for optimal purity and durability. It is the only organic infill for artificial turf manufactured in-house and distributed direct to the consumer for sports or landscape turf applications. That is how Greenplay artificial grass infill can guarantee to its customers the highest level of comfort, safety and environmental sustainability.

America’s Trusted Leader in

Organic Infill Products

Proven in hundreds of turf fields since 2006, Greenplay artificial turf infill continues to prove itself as the best infill for artificial turf that meets or exceeds the highest levels of player and environmental safety standards. Greenplay synthetic turf infill products are continuously tested to ensure that we offer the safest infill choices of all artificial turf infill options. This is our mandate from the beginning!

Greenplay now offers two all-natural infill options compatible with all climate regions:

Changing The Nature of Artificial Grass Since 2006

Turf temperatures consistent within 20º F of natural grass

Superior foot stability and pressure distribution

Proven performance with organic technology in use since 2006

100% recyclable - No end-of-life infill disposal costs

Negligible degradation after repeated impact testing

Turf temperatures consistent within 20º F of natural grass

Organic, odor free, non-toxic & mold resistant

Highly permeable system for perfect drainage

Very low abrasion on par with natural grass

Minimal fly-out/displacement- durable fiber matrix



When I started in the turf industry 20 years ago, turf infill was basically an afterthought.

I was determined to prove a synergy between the type of infill in a turf system to performance and safety. The benchmark for my testing was always a pristine natural grass surface. It became obvious that I needed to integrate a significant organic component within the synthetic turf system to combine the durability of turf with the enhancement of nature. There was only one organic material that checked all the boxes: strong, durable, hygienic, and abundant coconut fiber. Greenplay was born!

It was a long road to acceptance in the turf industry, but years of proven performance, safety, environmental responsibility, and field temperatures close to natural grass have made Greenplay the most trusted and desired organic infill brand. Demand is so great now that we harvest and manufacture Greenplay and NaturalCool on three continents to satisfy the ever-growing demand for organics in a global market.

– Domenic Carapella
Founder and Developer
Greenplay Organics

Greenplay® is the trusted choice for the First Family!

There is only one infill for artificial grass that can meet the environmental and safety requirements for the leader of the free world. Whether you’re looking for the best artificial turf infill for an athletic field, playground, landscape turf or even the White House, trust only Greenplay®.

Naturally improve your synthetic turf with Greenplay® organic infill.
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