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Organic Infill Products

Proven in hundreds of turf fields since 2006, Greenplay artificial turf infill continues to prove itself as the best infill for artificial turf that meets or exceeds the highest levels of player and environmental safety standards. Greenplay synthetic turf infill products are continuously tested to ensure that we offer the safest infill choices of all artificial turf infill options. This is our mandate from the beginning!


Extremely durable plant fibre – same characteristics as rope. High strength with minimal degradation.

No Fly-out Observed. Infill levels remain consistent across field.

Very Stable Fibre Marix. Resists displacement even through heavy rain and floods.

Superior foot stability and pressure distribution. Resists Slide-Out.

Non-Granular. Non-Abrasive. Soft Fibre.

Lower field temperature. Minimal heat absorption. Low bulk density.

100% natural & non-toxic. Odor free & non-allergenic. Resists mould & fungus.

Does not require watering. Will remain stable and perform well wet or dry.

100% recylable. No end-of-life disposal costs or environmental impact.

Highly permeable with excellent system drainage. No harmful leachates.

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