The Landscape of Sports is Changing… Literally


When it comes to athletes, there are those who enjoy playing on grass and those who prefer turf. Thanks to Greenplay’s artificial grass infill, they can now have the best of both worlds.

Greenplay is changing the landscape of sports... literally. As the leader in organic infill technology since 2006, Greenplay has developed naturally safe organic infill that has superior durability and moisture retention compared to other field surfaces. Greenplay’s technology has been developed in North America over the past decade and utilizes the highest-quality natural plant-based components that are tested and proven for performance.

Greenplay’s organic infill is made of a blend of coconut fibers and cork that are 100 percent recyclable. Some of the features of Greenplay’s revolutionary organic infill include:

  • Ideal Gmax ratings that reduce risks of serious injury
  • Superior foot stability and pressure distribution
  • Negligible degradation after repeated impact testing
  • Turf temperatures consistent within 20º F of natural grass
  • Organic, odor free, non-toxic & mold resistant
  • Highly permeable system for perfect drainage
  • Very low abrasion on par with natural grass
  • Superior blend highly resistant to compaction

The first NCAA Division-I athletic facility to implement Greenplay’s artificial grass infill was the University of San Francisco and the USF baseball team unveiled its newly renovated Benedetti Diamond at Max Ulrich Field in April 2016.

The Dons’ Benedetti Diamond leads with unique features in the latest synthetic turf baseball technology that include the Greenplay alternative infill system. The University of San Francisco is proud to feature eco-conscious Greenplay as the natural choice of alternative infill.

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