"The response to the Corkonut® infill at Greenwood Park has been nothing but positive. I spoke with a family on opening day after an elite-level soccer game, and the parents were thrilled. 'Our daughter is a keeper and she didn't get torn up.' That's why Henrico chose to go organic . . . player safety." - Dawn Miller, Tourism Supervisor of Henrico County Division of Recreation and Parks, VA
"One of our big concerns was about maintenance…we asked a lot of questions and liked the answers and what we found after two seasons already is that it's actually better than we thought!" - Bret Simon, Athletic Director at Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton, CA
“We were ahead of the curve by choosing Corkonut organic infill for our new field in 2009 and 8 years later with the field still going strong we are still ahead of the curve with regards to grass-like playability, low turf temperatures, low abrasion and safety for our students…I highly recommend Greenplay Corkonut!”–Carlos Moncada, Director of Grounds & Maintenance, Riverdale Country Day School, NY
"We are really happy with the product that GREENPLAY has provided us here at Mount Dora Christian Academy. In my years of coaching all over the country this was needed years ago. Now I see the difference and the effects it has on our student athletes." - Jim Nichols, Athletic Director of Mount Dora Christian Academy, FL
"I believe the kids here in Mendota deserve the best and Greenplay offers that to us…when we made this decision to go with Greenplay as the infill for this turf I was ecstatic. I was happy for the community, happy for the school, happy for the kids most importantly because I knew safety was a big issue… the infill here is going to reduce injuries…I highly recommend it to any school!” –Roberto Meija, Head Coach, Mendota High School, CA
“The Board of Education listened to our community and did a lot of research and made the decision to try an organic infill…our players love it, they say it plays just like real grass…we had some hot days and it plays much cooler than our other field that still has the rubber infill…the kids are not tracking in rubber pellets, not going home in their shoes…I’m not going home with rubber pellets in my shoes!” –Karen Peterson, Director of Athletics, Bronxville School, Bronxville, NY
“We took safety into consideration…we have heat issues in the summer and the fall where it gets above one-hundred degrees. We decided to use Greenplay and the response has been overwhelming…we almost can’t believe how nice it is…and very cool. I would absolutely recommend Greenplay to anyone building a new field…it’s awesome!” –David Drake, Athletic Director, Lakeside High School, Lake Elsinore, CA
“Greenplay is probably the coolest technology on the market today in regard to moisture retention and temperature dropping for the longest amount of time. There are a lot of misconceptions out there in regard to how much you need to water a field with natural infill and every natural infill is different, but for Greenplay, I'm standing on a field today that hasn't been watered in 30 days and moisture comes to the surface." –David Digeronimo, Director of Green Series, Astroturf Corporation
"The playing surface is superb, it is noticeably cooler than other artificial surfaces, it looks beautiful and much more like real grass and is, obviously, a greener and healthier option."– Thomas Philip, Headmaster of Brunswick School, Greenwich, CT
“We could not be more pleased with the GreenPlay product, their attention to detail and follow-up customer service. The new field at Andover High School has been met with great reviews and we will be sure to include GreenPlay in future project specifications.” –Christian Huntress, Huntress Associates Inc, Andover, MA