As the reliance on synthetic turf fields increases, the decision to utilize Greenplay® organic infill with the turf has become more common as school administrators, parents and athletes in general are voicing their common concerns for turf that is cooler, less abrasive and less of a mess from all of the typical particle fly-out. It is increasingly evident to all that synthetic turf installed with Greenplay® Corkonut® makes a tremendous difference. With over a decade of experience exclusive to organic infill, Greenplay Organics has perfected the 100% natural Corkonut® blend to be the proven absolute best-available, fully recyclable and safest artificial grass infill that provides the closest experience to playing on natural grass.


Corkonut® is blended using an exclusive, natural process utilizing only select pesticide-free coconut fibers and high quality pure cork that is guaranteed to be environmentally friendly and human safe in every regard. How does it perform? Everyone who plays on it says it’s the best turf they have ever played on and there is a ton of test data that proves why. Is it stable? It is literally stable enough that if you could turn the field upside down almost none would fall out! It maintains stability throughout the field even during heavy play with little or no fly-out whatsoever. It is odorless and holds 150% of its weight in water that provides the absolute lowest turf temperatures as a result of a grass-like evaporative process.


At a public meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, discussion was under way for soccer field improvements at Bradford Park. Citizens were given the opportunity to ask questions and when someone asked what infill will be utilized county staff responded that the safer organic infill will be used. Corkonut® is now installed in 3 soccer fields at Bradford Park.


Increased playability is a main reason to install a synthetic turf field. Additional opportunities for kids to be active are always a good thing. Due diligence leads municipalities, schools and universities to choose Greenplay® as the safest organic infill. IT is the natural solution for artificial turf. Visit to learn more.


The coconut tree is known as a Tree of Life for its versatility. The saturated fat in coconut meat helps support the immune system, helps reduce the risk of heart disease and helps destroy pathogenic microorganisms. Coconut oil can be classified as a superfood and can even nourish your hair and skin! Did you know coconut water is a good source of fiber and electrolytes?  Electrolytes regulate nerve and muscle function, and we all know, hydrates the body. We also all know that hydration is important while playing sports especially when playing on synthetic turf due to higher surface temperatures.


In case you didn’t already know, coconut fibers are a main ingredient in Greenplay® organic infill. Coconut fiber is strongly hygroscopic and readily absorbs moisture. It slowly releases this moisture keeping turf temperatures low. The mandate at Greenplay® Organics is to improve the benefits of synthetic turf by introducing systems utilizing organics as the synthetic turf infill of choice to better integrate with the natural environment. As far as artificial grass infills go, you can’t get any closer to nature than this! The unique coconut fibers used in Greenplay® Corkonut® are specially sourced from our team partner growers. This food source material is pesticide free and retains moisture for longer periods of time. This means your artificial grass field will stay cooler longer.


We have tapped into the coconut tree’s gifts through use of coconut fibers as part of Greenplay’s® natural, organic synthetic turf infill. When blended with our pure cork the result is an extremely stable sports surface rivaled only by natural grass. Consistency of play is maximized and fly out is virtually eliminated.


Artificial turf continues to be the choice of most schools and municipalities. The utilizing of Greenplay® as the natural choice of infill is providing communities with safe synthetic turf fields that are closer to nature and promote healthy living. Thanks to the Tree of Life!