Why Mendota Chose Greenplay Turf Infill for Its Turf System Project


Everyone knows how hot a synthetic turf field can get with rubber or plastic infill. As school districts and municipalities consider all aspects of safety, it is realized that EHRI (exertional heat-related illness) can be drastically reduced with a cooler field. This is why organic plant-based infill is growing in popularity. At Greenplay Organics, our organic infill for artificial turf allows for turf temperatures consistent within 20º F of natural grass.

Recently, the Mendota School District chose Greenplay® organic infill, Corkonut®, a proven temperature reducing blend of coconut fibers and cork, after calling upon experts to determine what system best fit their needs to deliver ultimate turf performance and safety. Greenplay’s specially blended Corkonut® turf infill has been successfully utilized in over 50 fields to date making Greenplay® the most trusted source for organic turf infill.

This highly permeable plant-based infill absorbs and retains moisture, which results in an evaporative effect that greatly reduces turf temperatures similar to natural soil. Mendota’s turf system was designed to replicate a pristine natural grass field utilizing proven Greenplay® organic infill in an Astroturf system that exceeded all expectations. Mendota’s legendary coach, Robert Mejia, stated that they are “amazed that there is no odor, it’s not abrasive and there is no fly-out like rubber infill.”

He adds “But what’s most important for the players is the temperature of the field on hot days, especially when they are in full gear. The Greenplay infill holds moisture, it’s more in line with real grass and it’s amazing how much cooler it is than any other turf field we have played on this summer. I would highly recommend Greenplay infill to every school.”

As word gets out, organic infill has become the choice for many school administrators, coaches, and parents who value safety, low turf temperatures, and overall durability. Greenplay® organic infill not only will help reduce the risk of concussions and EHRI; it is a sustainable choice that is odor-free, mold-resistant, and built to last. The players and staff at the Mendota School District were happy with their new turf system, and we know you will be too when you choose Greenplay® for your turf infill. Contact us today to learn more!