Greenplay® Brings the Benefits of Organic Infill to Young Athletes in Henrico County, VA


When we think of what it takes to be a good athlete, a few words come to mind. Words like skill, practice, and determination usually come to the forefront before anything else. What else does a good athlete need to perform well? A good playing surface. An athlete’s field of play has a huge impact on their performance. From length of play to faster change-of-direction, and even safer conditions, the right playing surface can make a world of difference.

No one understands that more than Greenplay®, an industry leader that has installed turf areas across the country with clean and safe organic infill. Greenplay® is the choice among school administrators, athletic directors, and, most importantly, parents who want a turf system that enhances player safety without diminishing player performance. Greenplay®s Corkonut® Infill and Pure Cork Infill exceed their expectations time and time again.

Recently, Greenplay® was chosen by Henrico County Recreation and Parks of Virginia to provide the organic infill for its new artificial turf sports field complex, which would be positioned right in the center of the 88-acre park. In short, the project was the largest Henrico County Recreation and Parks managed in some time, so everything had to go as smoothly as possible, including choosing the right infill company.

Citing safety and environmental concerns, the planners decided to go with Greenplay® organic infill. Greenplay®'s founder, Domenic Carapella, has been called the "Father" of organic turf infill, and he first introduced and championed his alternative plant-based specialty infill blends back in 2006. Greenplay® not only puts the nature back in turf, but it also supports all turf systems to ensure foot stability and low abrasion and maintain cooler surface temperatures; even on the hottest days, players are able to walk or run on the turf barefoot.

The organizers of the project predict that the lifetime value for the park will be highly beneficial to the community. With the opening of this new multipurpose complex optimally located so close to the highway and hotels, the sports tourism and tournament opportunities are endless. The new park is set to open in time for spring soccer in 2018.

Greenplay® is proud to have been a part of this project and looks forwards to hearing about the future success this park can bring to the town. To date, Greenplay® is now part of over 50 school, municipal, and university fields and will be installed in the three new Henrico County High Schools that will be completed early next year. Greenplay® is dedicated to bringing the best organic infill for artificial turf systems to the next generation of athletes.