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Coconut fiber and cork! Synthetic turf sports fields serve a much-needed purpose of consistency for play in all weather. When maintained properly, it will provide many years of service and benefits over natural grass and eliminate the downtime for re-seeding, fertilizing, pesticides and mowing. The safety benefits of Corkonut® artificial grass infill include uniformity of the playing surface over the entire field as well as the elimination of pools of water after heavy rains, mud, exposed rocks and patches of abrasive dirt.

With these factors in mind, the mandate at Greenplay Organics is to improve the benefits of synthetic turf by introducing systems utilizing organics as the alternative synthetic turf infill of choice to better integrate with the natural environment. We utilize only the highest-quality materials that nature provides to enhance the synthetic turf with proven natural “technology,” rigorously tested to the highest international safety and performance standards.

Greenplay Turf Safe Temperatures



Yes, you can play barefoot on artificial grass! Corkonut® provides the lowest artificial turf/infill system temperatures by far and the closest to natural grass. Surface temperatures are significantly cooler than with any other type of sand, rubber or plastic infill. Core temperatures which establish the long term cooling effect throughout the day have been proven with Corkonut® to be even lower than natural grass.

Greenplay Turf Safe Temperatures
Greenplay Average Surface Sensor Temperature
Average Embedded Sensor Temperature
Average Embedded Sensor Temperature

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Testing validates that a sports turf system with Greenplay Corkonut® offers performance and safety on par with pristine natural turf grass to reduce the incidence of injuries, concussions and abrasions. It enhances foot stability, rotational resistance and energy restitution to meet or exceed all FIFA requirements. Ball control, direction and bounce remain true for the athlete. Greenplay Corconut testing

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Greenplay testing

Greenplay testing

Avg Energy Restitution Per System

Avg F355A (Flat) Gmax Per System

Rotational Resistance Per System

Vertical Ball Rebound per System

Greenplay Corkonut® Stability


Try this with any other turf infill! The coconut fibers in Greenplay® are unique and specially sourced from our partner growers. This proven blend of coconut husk and cork forms a powerful matrix within the turf to provide an extremely stable sports surface rivalled only by natural grass. Infill displacement and fly out are virtually eliminated while consistency of play is maximized. The organic matrix will remain stable even in a heavy rainfall, remaining 100 percent playable rain or shine. This highly permeable infill system is tested with a flow rate of > 36" per hour.

Greenplay Durability


Developed for long life and tested under the most extreme conditions, Greenplay® Corkonut® exceeded all expectations after an intense impact study by a third-party test lab. Subjected to 1,000 repeated impacts by a 20-pound missile from a height of 2 feet, the change in the granulometry was minimal with an average variance of 2 percent and a bulk density increase of only 0.001g/cm3. You don’t have to be a lab technician to realize these are incredible results for an organic material!

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Natural technology powers the engine within the Corkonut® infill system much like the same way it does for natural grass. Greenplay’s unique coconut husk fibers have a larger internal diameter and thicker walls that retain and store additional moisture for a longer period before gradually releasing it as part of an evaporation cycle. The coconut fibers naturally absorb moisture from the air resulting from ambient humidity, rainfall or irrigation before slowly releasing the moisture into the air and literally cooling off the synthetic turf fibers.

Greenplay Durability 

Your Investment

Your investment dollars will be truly GREEN. Not only is Greenplay® Corkonut® an investment in safety, it is also a long term investment in the environment. The field's end-of-life costs will be greatly minimized since the organic material can be utilized as a top dressing for natural grass or tilled into the planting soil, never having to leave the site. It is 100 percent environmentally sustainable, recyclable in nature and eliminates disposal costs, making it a natural investment for your children.

Greenplay Corconut testing 

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