Putting Nature Back into Turf for Lower Temperatures, Improved Safety and Performance

San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA
Seating and picnic areas were added to offer comfort with a natural look and feel to the entrance of the performance center. Greenplay® provides the visual, keeping the turf feeling natural and cool.
The white House
White House, Washington D.C.
Situated behind the Oval Office is a private synthetic lawn area where The First Family relaxes and entertains. Whether coming out of the pool barefoot, tossing a game of horseshoe or driving the Presidential golf balls into a net, Greenplay® provides all-weather comfort, safety and natural beauty.
Cantiaque Park
Cantiague Park, Hicksville, NY
In response to a vocal community opposed to the further use of crumb rubber infill, Nassau County Executive, Ed Mangano and his Parks & Rec officials enthusiastically decided to utilize Greenplay® for the 2 new baseball infields at Cantiague Park to rave reviews, especially with regards to temperature!
Virginia Soccer Association
Virginia Youth Soccer Assoc., Fredericksburg, VA
"Our technical staff reports that the surface provides a ball roll and bounce that is the closest approximation of a top level natural grass field they have ever experienced. VYSA held multiple events in midafternoon last summer on the surface that was possible because of the cooler surface temperature afforded by the use of Greenplay® organic infill." - Executive Director, Phil Summers.
Benedetti Diamond
The USF Benedetti Diamond, San Francisco, CA
Reviews at the new NCAA Division I baseball facility range from "extremely true ball roll and bounce with no variances throughout the field" to "truer than a pristine natural grass field". As for safety, "foot stability and traction are better than grass… completely predictable" and "it's not hard like dirt, it’s just right". The organic properties and low abrasiveness of Greenplay® enhance the turf to play and react like the best natural grass fields
Rockwood School, MO
Rockwood School District, Eureka, MO
When it came time to choose the safest turf infill for the Rockwood School District's four new high school fields, Greenplay® was called in. In addition to lower turf temperatures, "I can also speak to the injuries we observed both before and after the installation of turf. The trainers I worked with definitely experienced a decrease in the number of injuries they were tending to."- Eric Knost, Superintendent
Saint timothys
St. Timothy's School, Stevenson, MD
"Since 1882, St. Timothy's School has taken pride in providing world-class academic programs. When we decided to install a synthetic turf sports field we required materials and design characteristics that would deliver world-class performance. This is this reason we selected your organic infill for our students." - Martin W. Lotz, P.E., Director of Facilities
Stamford University
Stanford University, Stanford, CA
"Sustainability must become a core value in everything we do. As a community we are committed to developing our core campus in a sustainable fashion that preserves what we cherish, that demonstrates leadership in the university's commitment to be a good environmental steward and that safeguards the ability for future generations to thrive as Stanford."
-John L. Hennessy, President, Stanford University
Highlands Park
Highlands Park, San Carlos, CA
For years, The City of San Carlos had wanted to install synthetic turf for its largest municipal field, but the community was opposed to synthetic and crumb rubber. "Corkonut" (1st Gen) turf infill was proposed and the project was finally completed in 2011 to rave reviews. It has since been topped off with Greenplay® and the field continues to serve the community 24/7.
Riverdale Country Day School's Bertino Field, NY
Riverdale Country Day School, a Charter Member of the Green Schools Alliance, is dedicated to being a green institution. In 2009, they transitioned to a new synthetic playing field with "Corkonut" (1st Gen) cork and coconut fiber turf infill. The organic infill replicates the evaporative cycle of natural turf, greatly reducing the heat signature of both surface and air temperatures. It has recently been topped off with Greenplay® and still performs as originally designed after 7 years!
Brunswick School
Brunswick School, Greenwich, CT
The Robert L. Cosby field raises the bar with Greenplay®, now widely considered one of the most beautiful and safest fields in Connecticut. "The playing surface is superb, it is noticeably cooler than other artificial surfaces, it looks beautiful and much more like real grass and is, obviously, a greener and healthier option" - Headmaster Thomas Philip
Horace Mann School, Washington, D.C.
As a LEED Gold Certified school, Horace Mann School carefully chose Greenplay® for use in their recreational field. Sustainability and stewardship are mandated along with student safety.
The Wheeler School, Providence, RI
Founded in 1889 with a mandate of excellence for students in grades nursery through 12th grade. Greenplay® was researched and chosen by the staff for low abrasion, excellent G-Max and the lowest turf temperatures of any infill. "Given the growing anxiety about crumb rubber infill and the excellence of the organic option, this was a great opportunity for Wheeler to be ahead of the curve on a potential safety issue." - Dan Miller, Headmaster
The Newport Green Oval, Jersey City, NJ
The primary recreational lawn for the Newport Green Park. Serving the overall community for residents and visitors alike with seasonal events, movie nights, picnicking, concerts and all-around recreational activities. Safety and durability are a top priority and Greenplay® continues to exceed all expectations.
Apple Business Quad, Cupertino, CA
The new Apple Campus features many areas of turf with Greenplay® for its employees to relax and enjoy the natural settings. Whether on the grounds or the many rooftop terraces, Greenplay® organic infill will keep the turf temperatures to within 20 degrees of natural grass.